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“Rada” - Parliamentary Radio and Television channel

The Verkhovna Rada Television Broadcasting Directorate was founded in 1998. Its main task is to shed light upon the lawmaking process, and the development of parliamentarism in Ukraine. 1999 was the start of parliamentary programs broadcasting by the First National Channel of Ukriane. These were the broadcasts of “The Verkhovna Rada Daily Session” and the weekly news analysis program “Parliamentary Herald.” The satellite and cable parliamentary TV channel “Rada” began its broadcasting during the Verkhovna Rada ‘s 4th convocation with the slogan “Live broadcast of Lawmaking”.
Such audiovisual services (parliamentary Radio and TV channels) in developed countries guarantee democracy by presenting to the audience the live examples of freedom of speech, open society and transparency of government processes.
Since September 2004 Parliamentary TV channel “Rada” was present on board of satellite Sirius-2 with paneuropean coverage. Since that time on “RADA” started to build is broadcasting network. At the beginning of 2006 “Rada” has already; about 300 agreements signed with cable stations’ operators in Ukraine. This allows “Rada” to feed almost all regions of Ukraine with a high-quality signal and guarantee access to its parliamentary programs/schedules for a potential audience of twenty million viewers.
Live TV broadcast of Parliamentary sessions allows viewers to watch the lawmaking process without editing or censorship.
The telecommunication satellite “Sirus-2” has greatly extended the “Rada” broadcasting range. In addition to Ukraine the “Rada”’ audience extends from Iceland to the Urals, and from Norway to the Middle East and North Africa. This is proved by numerous letters, telephone calls and faxes received by “Rada” from abroad.
“Rada” has plans of extending its broadcasts to America and further.
Mentioned below Ukrainian radio and television broadcasters that have signed agreements with Channel Rada and hence provide regular telecasting of Verkhovna Rada Sessions:

In its television programs such as “Meeting the Public” “Rada” widely cover general activities of the Verkhovna Rada and it’s Committees as well as the public work of individual Deputies.
Journalists, cameramen, news directors, and engineers work continuously to fill the broadcasting time with interesting programs of different genres. Among them “Parliament’s Studio” (live broadcast of discussions on current issues provided by channel’s moderator with studio guests).; Video reports, clips and journalistic investigations are standard features of TV programs such as: “Official Chronicle”, “Special Report”, “At the Verkhovna Rada Committee”, “Deputy in the Electoral District,” “Exclusive Interview”, “Topic of the Week”, “Press Conferences, Seminars and Meetings”, “Deputy’s Viewpoint”, “Legislative Initiative” and others.
Besides “Rada” is preparing a series of weekly programs with Members of Parliament being guest.; Different topics are discussed in these TV programs. Just to name some of them are: “Field Law”– discussions on the legislative guarantees to the agrarian sector problem; “ENERGO”- discussions with Verkhovna Rada Committees on the energy sector, nuclear policy and safety; a series of programs titled, “Parliaments of the World” about everyday life of Parliaments in diferent countries, and others.
The Broadcasting Directorate provides live broadcasts of inaugurations, openings and closings of parliamentary sessions and official public holidays on the First National TV channel (in parallel with transmission on TV channel “RADA”). Also “Rada” broadcasts a summarized weekly show “Titled Parliament” – live transmission from; studio with; parliament deputies being present as guests, and a news program “The Verkhovna Rada Daily hearing”.
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has a web site with a Broadcasting Directorate web page (www.rada.gov.ua/).; It contains complete information about TV channel “Rada”, the channel’s broadcasting area, schedule of TV programs etc. It provides information about regional TV channels that telecast Verkhovna Rada activities, and presents number of potential TV viewers.; The web page contains a calendar of the Verkhovna Rada plenary session days, and a lot of other useful information.
In addition to this information service the Broadcasting Directorate creates documentary films relating to the Verkhovna Rada’s activities.; A sizeable film library has been formed since the beginning of broadcasting.
As one of the State’s leading television channels, «Rada» continues to work on presentation and creative content of its broadcasts improvement.

Broadcasting Direction Address:
Sadova Street, 3A
01008 Kiev Ukraine
(+38044) 2553571
(+38044) 2553937